I’ve been hosting web sites on my own hardware for over 20 years. Some of this was as a hobby, and some was for clients, but I’ve never pursued hosting in any serious way. That doesn’t mean I’m not good at it; rather, I was always pursuing something that seemed more important or more alluring.

That’s changed a bit, and as I’m revamping web sites and polishing business models, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks evaluating a new web hosting platform called Enhance. I like it quite a bit, and it suits the sort of web hosting I’d like to provide. As part of that I’ve been pulling web sites off of Direct Admin and Virtualmin servers and migrating them to the new cluster.

Just now, it was time to migrate this domain from an old machine, and I was struggling to get the first two automated tools to work. Before I fell back to using a remote backup and restore tool I looked at the content and decided to just let the past go. There wasn’t really anything here that represented “me” in any real sense as I am today.

So, new site, and new content. I suppose I’ll archive the old one for nostalgia’s sake. Or maybe not – I rarely resort to nostalgia.